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Short Perennials for Part Sun to Shade Under 12"


This ground cover perennial holds close together in order to prevent weeds from sprouting out!

  • Black Scallop
  • Princess Nadia


The large, glossy flowers on this plant make it the perfect addition to your ground-cover areas!

  • Dragonfly 'Sakura'


A perennial with large, trumpet-shaped flowers that will make a statement in your landscape!

  • Blue Cross

Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Well known as "Coral Bells", this popular foliage perennial stands against any flowering perennial!

  • Forever Red
  • GRANDE 'Amethyst'
  • Northern Exposure 'Amber'
  • Northern Exposure 'Silver'


*Availability varies weekly

These hardy, long-lived shade perennials have so many unique shapes and sizes to add to your landscape!

Please inquire about all the different varieties we offer through Kat's Garden Hostas!


Known commonly as 'Lungwort', this early-blooming perennial will enjoy the shady and moist areas of your landscape.

  • Majeste
  • Silver Bouquet

Tiarella (Foam Plant)

This ground-cover perennial loves shade and produces clumps of small flowers against its green foliage!

  • Candy Striper
  • Sugar & Spice
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