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Fillers for Shade

Plants in this list are great for creating the visual transition between the thriller and the lower growing trailing plant. Many of these plants will also make great stand alone containers.


  • Endless Illumination

  • Endless Flirtation

Coleus- 6-12"

  • Colorclouds 'Valentine'

  • Fancy Feathers 'Copper'

  • Fancy Feathers 'Pink'

  • Great Falls 'Angel'

  • Stained Glasswork 'Burgundy Wedding train'

  • Terra Nova 'Peridot'

  • Tidbits Tammy

  • Wildfire Ignition


  • Rockapulco 'Coral Reef'

  • Rockapulco 'Purple'

  • Rockapulco 'Red'

  • Rockapulco 'White'

  • Rockapulco 'Wisteria'

New Guinea Impatiens

  • Super Sonic 'Orange Ice'

  • Super Sonic 'Sweet Cherry'


  • Charmed Wine


  • Concord Blue

Sunpatiens Compact

  • Compact Blush Pink

  • Compact Electric Orange

  • Compact Fire Red

  • Compact Lilac

  • Compact Pink Candy

  • Compact Purple

  • Compact White

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