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The Busy Bee Story

How can they help?

Chelsey and Tyler both studied commercial horticulture at DMACC and are both horticulturists. In addition, Busy Bee employs 7 Master Gardeners who can help you plan your garden both technically and creatively!

  Chelsey Soder has been passionate about gardening since she was a little
girl. (She has been known to randomly pull a few weeds in front of
businesses, pinch a leggy plant, or pull off a bad bug on a plant in
need, even though they aren’t her plants.)  Her first landscaping
project, at age 4, involved a much-anticipated trip to a local
greenhouse to buy plants. With her mom’s help, Chelsey found the
perfect plants to spice up the look of her tree house. The next morning
brought disaster, along with a critical lesson about gardening. Rabbits
love plants! Chelsey attended DMACC for Commercial Horticulture, which
is how she met Tyler Flinn. She walked into a class and found the most
normal looking person in the room. (Surprise, it was Tyler; little did
Chelsey know!) They started talking about class, went on a class trip
together, and the rest is history. Tyler can frequently be located by
following the music as he sings & hums random snippets of
almost-recognizable tunes around Busy Bee.

Thanks to a very supportive family, who encouraged her to follow her
dreams, Chelsey decided to turn that passion for gardening into a
business. In 2008, she officially opened Busy Bee Garden Center. Chelsey’s dream of owning her own business started
with one small greenhouse and one small garden out in the country, on
Tyler’s family farm. They added two more greenhouses, and then they
needed more space. That dream has continued to bloom! Busy Bee now occupies a larger location north of Indianola, with over 35,000 sq. feet in eleven greenhouses (soon to be 12 greenhouses!). They recently retired 6 acres of chemical-free vegetable gardens and a spot at the
Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market to pursue another dream of building an event venue- The Hive.

While you visit, you can also stop and see the chickens, ducks, and
turkeys! You may even catch a glimpse of Tillie and Lottie, the herd miniature cows, and their friends, the pigs, sheep, and goats, as they roam around the pastures around the greenhouses.

Quick! Pop quiz! Do you know why it’s called Busy Bee? Chelsey is a
4th generation beekeeper. Her parents own Soder Apiaries and Busy Bee
sells the honey. (You can also find Soder Apiaries at the Downtown Des
Moines Farmers Market from May through October.)

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Busy Bee 2008
Busy Bee's First Plants Ever
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