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Even More Fun!

To complete your shopping experience at Busy Bee, we offer a wide assortment of many different gardening tools and products, high quality fertilizer, decorative pots and gifts for that special someone. For the more ambitious landscaper, we carry many different types of bagged mulch. We also have bulk dark brown and natural mulch.

We stock bulk compost as well as bagged compost and topsoil. We no longer have bulk topsoil due to inconsistent and unreliable quality of our deliveries.

Please call to check for loading availability on bulk material. We do not load after rain until it dries out.

Mulch, Compost and Soil

Please call ahead to inquire about loading and availability
No loading bulk material after 3pm on Fridays and Saturdays

  • We sell various types of bagged mulch from dyed hardwood in shades of black, gold, red and brown to high quality cedar and cypress mulch. If you need a larger quantity of mulch, we sell bulk hardwood and dark brown by the cubic yard. 

  • For soil improvements, we love our compost. We call it our black gold! Sourced locally and of the highest quality, we recommend using this to in just about any job. Your plants will love you for it! Bagged or bulk is available depending on your project size. 

  • For re-grading or filling in holes, we offer bagged topsoil. We no longer carry bulk topsoil.

  • Our special blend of potting soil is one of the main reasons our plants look so bee-utiful. Soil is one of the most important things to a plant so be sure to try a bag of our soil, your plants will thank you!

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